Young, Ambitious & 25!

I would like you all to know what inspired me to create The Norfolk Bay Company.

I decided after working in a number of spa's, Hotels, Beauty salons that.. there wasn't just beauty in the beauty room it was all around me in lavish spa's and interior inspired hotels.

After many years of trying to decide where i was going with my life, I decided to take the plunge and this was the time to follow what i love which is of course all things interior but..there's so much more to come...

As a child i would find joy in changing a rooms image & atmosphere, by making it feel more like home.
The word 'home' has such a vast meaning, don't you think?

Home to you, may not be the same for someone else. 

All i know is home to me, is a clean, relaxed feeling, good coffee, and fabulous interiors; which could have just been a ceramic tissue holder that you just picked up from The White Company or a basket from Next, but adding that item to your home, makes you feel like your on your way to creating your very own safe haven.

I guess, that is the aim and the ultimate dream.
Being a company where shopping at is the ultimate luxury.
Luxurious enough to even keep the packaging & display it within your home.. Something i used to do when i finally earned enough money to shop at the likes of Jo Malone and The White Company.

Having lived in Norfolk for what feels like my whole life, its a place that will always have my heart with sweet childhood memories and long beach walks.
So, many years later in 2019 The Norfolk Bay Company was born, the very same year as my son.

The Norfolk Bay's interior style is free flowing; we aren't limited to one type of style or design.
The Collections are made of a number of interior styles that I personally love and that i hope you will all love too!

following this blog; you can expect upcoming posts to be about all things Interior (of course) home related and maybe some reviews on much loved products (& not just ours)


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