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We have partnered up with Hubbard Interiors, who believe every space, room and corner has the potential to become something beautiful and inspiring. If you love our products, Hubbard Interiors can help you place them in your very own space. Get in touch below today to start planning your dream space.


Got some ideas for a project and want to talk them through? Or just moved in to a home with lots of potential but not sure where to start? That's where we can help!

The initial design consultation is the very first step to achieving a beautiful home. Chat it through and bounce your ideas and plans off a professional and get inspired today.


3D Design

Whether you have ideas of your own you just want to see mapped out or would love a professional to give you a bespoke 3D layout of your space, we can work with you!

We can create your very own bespoke design in a matter of hours.

So what are you waiting for? Start seeing your home's true potential today!


Home Makeover

We will plan out your project from beginning to end.

From your first design consultation, to the shipping and organising of products, you can completely relax knowing your brand new home is underway and being taken care of by a professional and friendly team.

On a budget and deadline to suit you!