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When Norfolk Bay finally opened I knew that a home fragrance range would be one of the first things I would create & introduce.

Having worked within the spa industry you can only imagine how eager I was to start creating the perfect scent and the perfect collection. 

Introducing our Signature Scent - 
Delicate white floral combination with clouds of soft musks, Lemon & Patchouli oil and a hint of Vanilla. 

This classic glass candle comes with a silver lid & beautiful white boxing. 


Our Luxury Scent - Our all time favourite-
A Blend of fresh wild Blackberries cassis, fresh Green Bay, A hint of citrus with hedgerow woods & Musk

The Luxury collection Is wrapped in stunning black boxing with matching ribbon with white trim. 
If you're a lover of ceramics like myself, you'll clean out the candle once you're finished and reuse the beautiful ceramic bark bowl & add this to your interior collection. 

- Why not use this for your bath salts or as a jewellery trinket bowl! 
Our Luxury Scent Diffuser
Our Luxury Blackberry & Bay Diffuser go hand in hand with the beautiful Bark Bowl to create the ultimate home fragrance range throughout your home.

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  • These look like such beautiful products, I adore the packaging and so glad I’ve placed an order. They look so luxurious!! Huge credit to Leà for bringing out this range x

    Emma ( on

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