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January 2020 we opened our online store with a plan of where we wanted be in just a few weeks time..

Unfortunately 2020 has had one of the toughest starts to the year for everyone all over the world! So as you can imagine everything was put on hold while the World tried to adjust and recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19.

The image we had envisioned for The Norfolk Bay Company had not been created in the time frame we hoped for but come June this year we were able to carry out our first ever interior photoshoot!

We were looking for a modern backdrop with a cosy interior feel and thats exactly what we were able to create at Regal Meadows Heritage Homes - Located in Kentford Suffolk. 

The bright open plan kitchen was the perfect place to shoot our glass and marble Kitchen Accessories 

The Hallway's & Entrances were the perfect display area to showcase our brand new ceramic lighting collection, Dried Flowers & Vases.

 Special mention to:

Gina Manning Photography for working with us on this

Sarah and her team from Heritage Homes 
A Must see if your in the area or looking for new homes within the Suffolk area..


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